Parking at Jumanji Theme Park

Parking at the Jumanji theme park is parking spaces of Chessington World of Adventures.

The World of Jumanji theme park hence offers standard and express parking options.

Know more about World of Jumanji theme park car parking, cost of parking and more.

Jumanji Theme Park at Chessington World of Adventure

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Standard Parking

Standard Parking
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Standard parking is available to all Chessington World of Adventure Resorts’ theme park and zoo visitors.

The parking is 5 to 10 minutes from the Explorer gate entrance.

The cost of parking at Jumanji theme park Standard parking starts from £6.

The parking costs change based on the season.

The Jumanji Theme Park car parking costs are listed below:

Weekdays during off-peak season (online) £6
Weekend and School holidays (online)£7
All year at the Barrier (offline)£8

It is suggested that you pre-book your parking spaces online to save time. 

On-site hotel guests enjoy free parking at the Jumanji theme park. 

Express Parking 

Express Parking
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Express parking is open for all Chessington theme parks and Zoo visitors.

This parking at Jumanji theme park offers easier access to the park. 

This parking lot lies at the Lodge Gate Coach entrance.

It is right next to the Lodge Gate theme park entrance. 

The cost for Express parking is £15.

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