Ostrich Stampede

Ostrich Stampede is the second Jumanjian adventure visitors must brave!

Taking place on the dunes, Ostrich Stampede is a whirlwind adventure bound to leave you in awe of these flightless birds!

Jumanji Theme Park at Chessington World of Adventure

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Ostriches may be flightless, but they sure are fast. 

Riders take a seat on their respective Ostrich and hold tight, as these seats are created to emulate the sensation of riding on the back of an ostrich. 

Watch out and be alert, for you may need to swerve a herd, or two on this adventure through the dunes! 


  • visitors must be a minimum height of 1.3m to ride alone
  • visitors must be a minimum of 1.2m to ride
  • visitors between 1.2 and 1.3m must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 16

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Featured Image: Chessingtonholidays.co.uk

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