Mandril Mayhem

Mandrill Mayhem is the first Jumanjian adventure that families must brave.

Mandrill Mayhem is a thrilling roller coaster in which you are swept up by the long arms of the Mandrill, the most fearsome creature in the jungle.

Jumanji Theme Park at Chessington World of Adventure

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Ride around the iconic sites in Jumanji, brave Chessington’s first inversion, all the while dodging the hazards of the jungle.

The Mandrills will launch you at full speed through the treetops, flipped upside down and spiraling to the summit of the 55ft tall Jaguar Shrine.

These Mandrills will take you around the Jumanji sites, giving you a glimpse of the infamous Jaguar’s Eye Jewel.

After catching Jaguar’s Eye, your wits will be tested as you go through the adventure again, this time backwards.

Mandrill Mayhem is a thrilling adventure undertaken by only the fiercest and the bravest adventurers. 

Do you have it in you to follow the legendary footsteps of Dr. Bravestone?


  • visitors must be 1.2 m to ride
  • visitors between 1.2 m and 1.3 m must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 16
  • minimum height of 1.3 m to ride alone
  • anyone over 1.95 m tall will be unable to ride

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Featured Image: Thrillnation.net

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