Jumanji Themepark Jungle Maze

The most awaited World of Jumanji Theme park at Chessington World of Adventure is all set to open on May 15, 2023. 

With the announcement of the park opening, many visitors have been wondering about the new rides and attractions of the theme park. 

Jungle Maze is one of the four attractions in the Jumanji Theme Park. 

Jumanji Theme Park at Chessington World of Adventure

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Built at the park’s center, Jungle Maze is set to take all the visitors down a path of Nostalgia. 

The Jungle Maze is a playground inspired by the Jumanji board game itself. 

Jungle Maze is built to be trickier and take all the players back into Jumanji. 

This immersive obstacle course contains a labyrinth of mirrors and tunnels filled with creatures from Jumanji. 

If you are all set to venture into the land of Jumanji, find out about the other exciting rides like Mandril Mayhem, Ostrich Stampede and Mamba Strike.

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