Chessington World of Adventure Tickets

Excited about the World of Jumanji Theme Park?

Be the first ones to try the newest theme park of the UK at the Chessington World of Adventure. 

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You can get your Jumanji theme park entry ticket by purchasing the Chessington World of Adventure tickets. 

With over 40 rides and attractions spread across ten themed zones, this park is one of the finest theme parks in the UK. 

The one-day entry ticket gives you the opportunity to explore Jumanji theme park and all other themed lands of Chessington World. 

This ticket provides full-day park admission as part of the ticket costs, allowing you to see animals like lions, monkeys, tigers, and more at our zoo.

For even more fun, attend one of the daily live performances.

From water rides to exotic animal shows, Chessington World has much to offer its visitors. 

Take advantage of online Jumanji theme park tickets and be the first few to check out the theme park

Highlights of Chessington World of Adventure tickets:

  • Entry to Jumanji theme park from May 15, 2023
  • Access to all themed lands of Chessington World of Adventure 
  • Entry to the Chessington Zoo
  • Access to the Gruffalo River Ride Experience

Chessington World of Adventures ticket prices

The entry ticket to the World of Jumanji at Chessington World of Adventure ranges between £34 and £42 depending on the season for visitors above 3 years of age.

Adult ticket (3 to 99 years)Ticket Price (€)
Super Off-Peak Entry€34
Off-Peal entry €37
Peak Entry €42

Note: Infants younger than 2 years enjoy free entry Jumanji Theme Park entry will be available from May 15, 2023

Featured Image: Spectator.co.uk

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